Le samedi, 11 janvier 2020

[Cet atelier est offert en anglais, mais l’instructeur fera son possible pour répondre à vos questions.]

Try your hand at working with vellum.

This elegant historic structure was used at least as early as the 14th Century and was most popular in the 16th and 17th Centuries. It is very versatile and can be a simple and attractive binding when made with modern materials as well.

Students will have the opportunity to make a small limp covered binding in real vellum. In this class, we will practice sewing on raised, alum-tawed supports, which will be laced into the cover. Interesting variations and decorative additions will be discussed and the students can customize the books as time allows.

These books are easily re-created at home with minimal equipment.

Suitable for all skill levels.

Bring your lunch and any tools you may have. If you have a Japanese screw punch or other punch to make small holes that would be helpful but will also be available at the workshop if not. If you have no tools, no worries, we will supply tools for you during the workshop.

Instructeur : Bronwyn Glover
Coût : 70 $ membre de CBBAG, 80 $ non-membre
Frais du matériel : 30 $ (payé comptant à l’instructeur en atelier)
Lieu : Nepean Creative Arts Centre, Studio 7, 35 Stafford Road, Ottawa. Note : l’entrée du Studio 7 est située à l’est de l’édifice qui fait face à la rue Stafford (voir l’image ci-dessous)
Heures : 9 h à 16 h
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Date limite pour l’inscription : le jeudi, 9 janvier à midi

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