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On April 21, 5:00 P.M. PST on Zoom, in the Alcuin Society Virtual Lecture Series 2022, learn about William Rueter, a Dundas, Ontario private printer, hand binder, and printmaker for over 60 years, and recipient of the 2013 Robert R. Reid Award for his achievements in the book arts. Register for this free event.

As a private printer, Rueter plays many roles – Publisher, Designer, Artist/Illustrator, Compositor, Printer, and Binder and excels in all aspects of bookmaking. From 1969 to 1998 Rueter designed books at the University of Toronto Press. The year 2022 celebrates 60 years since Rueter established his private press, The Aliquando Press, in order to learn bookmaking skills and for the pleasure of creating books by hand. Rueter has produced 120 books and over 90 broadsides, which have won many awards both in Canada and internationally, and appear in public and private collections on five continents.

For over 40 years, Chester Gryski has been building his collection of Canadian fine printing. He has written about aspects of Canadian private press printing in Amphora and DA, given talks about these presses, and curated exhibitions of private press printers.

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Visitez l’exposition, Designed, handset, printed and bound: The Aliquando Press of William Rueter, 1962-2022.

The Aliquando Press of William Rueter, 1962-2022