We are really ramping up again folks but we need you to come and participate at our meetings – just like the old days!

The next hybrid meeting takes place on Wednesday February 8th from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Book Arts Lab at Carleton University. If you would like the Zoom link to participate virtually, please send an email to CBBAGOttawa@CBBAG.ca.

Great News! Carleton U will cover parking for our meetings! Send an email to Larry Thompson, larrythompson@cunet.carleton.ca and provide him with your licence plate number one week before the meeting, and you can park in Lot 1* from 5:50 until 8:10 for FREE!

Program to Come

Even without a Program Coordinator we managed to create some programs.

February TBA but we will have fun!
March One piece of paper books with Madeleine Rousseau
April Theatre Design Books – Janet Tulloch
May Show and Tell – Top 3 artist books (All meeting attendees)
June SWAP results (All who participated)
September A Bookbinding Year in Review at North Bennet Street School – Boston, Spike Minogue

We are still looking for a Program Coordinator and a Workshop Coordinator. If you are interested in one of these positions, please contact us at CBBAGOttawa@CBBAG.ca.

* Here is a link to a PDF document with information about the parking at Carleton University and the directions to the MacOdrum Library and the Book Arts Lab.

Meeting Minutes