Meet others who share your interest in the book arts.

At the Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG), we are all about books and the book arts. Our aim is to create a spirit of community among bookbinders and book artists and the wider book community. Through workshops and exhibitions, we enhance the public’s awareness of the book arts and encourage excellence in bookbinding and the book arts. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers.

Participation in the CBBAG Ottawa Valley Chapter is open to anyone interested in the “art of the book”. This includes:

  • Bookbinders and book decorators
  • Book collectors, dealers, archivists, and conservators
  • Librarians
  • Calligraphers
  • Paper-makers and marblers
  • Letterpress and other printers
  • Wood engravers

The CBBAG Ottawa Valley Chapter is a member of the Ottawa Arts Council, and enjoys a relationship with other guilds in related fields, such as The Calligraphy Society of Ottawa and the Ottawa Press Gang. We are also a supporter of Twice Upon A Time.

CBBAG was established in 1983 to provide contact and support for those interested in the book arts. The Ottawa Valley Chapter, established in 1996, provides opportunities for regional networking, book arts collaboration, and the delivery of programmes and workshops tailored to the needs of the local membership. It also facilitates communication with the national CBBAG board of directors.