In this time of confinement, it is important to find ways to stay connected and what better way for us at CBBAG Ottawa than to invite you to join a virtual show & tell and share our mutual interest in the book arts with the world.

We are curious to see how the current unprecedented situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your projects in the book arts.

  • Has your production stopped or flourished, changed, or stayed the same?
  • What have you been working on or thinking of doing since mid-February?
  • How has our new reality influenced your work?
  • We also challenge you to produce works with the pandemic and confinement in mind.

This ongoing Show & Tell will be presented in an online exhibit on the Omeka CBBAG Ottawa publishing platform.

If you accept to participate, you can include works created or in process since mid-February 2020. Our organizer, Roxanne Lafleur will upload the content upon receipt. Written texts about the book arts are also accepted.

Learn how to participate.