To produce a basic matchbox and fill it with your art.


Over the summer months, members are challenged to produce a simple matchbox (download pattern) out of card stock, which can be decorated in any whimsical manor that suits your fancy. It must have your name and email on the bottom of the cover. The matchbox is to be filled with a piece of art, craft or nature such as a sketch, painting, photograph, print, story, poem, book, knitting, calligraphy, handmade or marbled paper, sculpture, origami, an interesting stone or sea shell you found, or just about anything else that you think would go into a souvenir matchbox.


You only need to make one and it is for yourself; however, it is fun to make multiples. If you make a second one, then it should be donated to our CBBAG archive for display at a future show. If you make a total of four, then you will have two that you can trade with others or can give away. Please, make no more than four.


On or after our 11 Sept 2019 meeting.