Designed, handset, printed and bound: The Aliquando Press of William Rueter, 1962-2022

An exhibition that coincides with the 44th Annual Wayzgoose Book Arts Fair.

2 April to 5 June, 2022
Grimsby Public Art Gallery (GPAG)
18 Carnegie Lane, Grimsby, Ontario
FREE Admission
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Read curator Chester Gryski’s post about the Aliquando Press Exhibition, published on April 11, 2022 on The Alcuin Society website.

To learn more about William Rueter and the Aliquando Press, register for the virtual lecture on April 21 at 5 p.m. hosted by The Alcuin Society.

Designed, Handset, Printed & Bound: The Aliquando Press of William Rueter

Images (left to right): The Aliquando Press’s pressmark and the exhibition invitation.