Consider this our “brag book”! Here, we showcase meeting, workshop, and event moments, and works done by CBBAG-OV members.


Long-Stitch Limp Bindings, Two Historical Models

On Saturday, November 15th, Geneviève Samson led an excellent workshop on long-stitch limp bindings. The workshop was more than sold out with 10 attendees and it looks like they made some great models!

Thanks to Wendy Feldberg for the photographs


IMG_0231 IMG_0235 IMG_0242 IMG_0254 IMG_0260_2 IMG_0269  IMG_0277 IMG_0278


All hearts for February

At our February meeting, Roxanne provided us with an excellent introduction to popups. Given the time of year, we focused on many ways to present popup hearts.

CBBAG popups


Welcome back to CBBAG for 2013/2014 Program Year

We started off the new program year with a great activity: origami! Thanks to Yuka and Lilian for showing us how to fold our way to beautiful paper creations. And just to demonstrate the lighter side of things, Gayle and Steve decided to model their creations.

Origami Hats!

Origami Hats!


2012/2013 Swap

For this year’s swap, there were 12 participants. At the December meeting, we were treated to part one of the swap: the signatures. The theme of the swap was “seasons” and we certainly saw a lot of creativity in the way in which the participants interpreted and represented that theme. Here are a few examples of their work.

From Merrickville...

From Merrickville…

Beatrice sig

Beatrice’s multi-layered signature


The contribution from Weathervane Press – Steve and Gayle

Susan Pinard's signature

Susan Pinard’s signature

Screen Printing Workshop

Held November 17th, the screen printing workshop provided participants with a good grounding in the basics of screen printing.

Picture from screen printing workshop

Picture from screen printing workshop

Box Making Workshop

October 27 we had six participants in the box making workshop. They each used handmade paper to create a lovely box, as you can see in the photo. (The seventh box is the instructor’s.)

Boxes from October 2012 workshop

Boxes made in October 2012 workshop