The 13th Edition: a fascinating journey!

If you are planning to visit Trois-Rivière in Quebec this summer, don’t miss this important printmaking event from June 17 to September 10, 2023. Free admission.

This exhibition, in existence since 1999, is the largest event entirely devoted to printmaking in North America.

With 48 artists from 24 countries, this 2023 edition offers a magnificent cultural diversity. The nearly 250 works on display conjure up singular artistic worlds that permit the discovery of the research and approaches of artists from around the world. The works are distributed across five exhibition spaces, according to four themes that are keys to accessing the imagination of each artist.

The BIECTR Is interested in productions both from here and elsewhere, and has taken care to balance the presentation of Quebec, Canadian and international artists. To add to the experience, BIECTR also offers a large-scale parallel circuit. Thanks to a network of collaborators, diffusers and remarkable artists, original and innovative projects are proposed to help the public discover inspiring and original productions that question the discipline’s practice and society itself.

BIECTR will participate in the dynamism of Quebec’s cultural activities during the summer season by partnering with exhibition projects not only in Trois-Rivières, but also in Nicolet and Montreal.

Consult the program (bilingual) or visit

Enjoy your visit!