Odette Drapeau is the winner of the twelfth Alcuin Society’s Robert R. Reid prize and medal for lifetime achievement in the Book Arts in Canada for 2020. On February 8th, 2023, she was celebrated at the ROAAr (Rare & Special Collections, Osler, Art, and Archives), McGill University Library in Montreal. David Carruthers and Denise LaPointe of Papeterie Saint-Armand, former recipients of the Robert R. Reid medal, presented the leading educator and innovator in the practice of art bookbinding with the medal, and Odette talked about her work, inspiration and practice during this bilingual event. More information.

“Odette Drapeau – The Art of Bookbinding – L’art de la Reliure.” YouTube, uploaded by McGill Library, 10 Feb. 2023, https://youtu.be/VJGBCvRcVj0. Accessed 11 March 2023. Portions of her in-person/virtual talk are in French and others in English.