On June 10, at 5 PM PST on Zoom, the fourth lecture in the Alcuin Society Virtual Lecture Series 2021, teacher, bookseller and book collection, Richard Hopkins, discussed particular areas of collecting, in his talk called The Novel in Woodcuts, a Wordless Narrative.

As a bookseller and book collector many ideas cross Hopkins’s desk for potential areas of collecting. He has assembled a small collection of novels that add new elements to the straightforward prose. He has four completely in verse, one with interspersed colour paintings, two with interspersed black-and-white photographs, one “programmed novel in which the reader directs the course of action,” which gives the reader a choice between two different directions to take the novel, and a few graphic novels. But “one of the more interesting alternate formats for the novel is the ‘wordless novel’ or ‘the novel in woodcuts.’ Here, unlike the graphic novel, there are no words at all, the woodcut images carry the entire burden of telling the linear story.” Learn more about this talk.

The event was recorded and uploaded to the Alcuin Society YouTube channel: