June is our year-end wrap-up, election of officers and planning session for next season’s programme. Bring your ideas and your energy, your monthly challenge item (Celebration), as well as your Show and Tell.

June Meeting – AGM

  • Year End report (Steve)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Spike)
  • Report on Book Arts Show and Sale 2018 (Spike)
  • Report on workshops 2017/2018 (Spike) 
  • Report on programme 2017/2018, including bookmark project (Wendy)
  • Web Communications and Online Gallery Report (Roxanne)
  • Election of Officers for 2018-2019
  • Any Other Business (Members’ concerns/topics)
  • Members’ Show and Tell, including the monthly challenge for June.
  • Break 
  • Discussion and selection of workshop topics 2018-2019 year.
  • Discussion and selection/suggestions for activities/presenters for the 2018-2019 programme

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